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Make sure you're asking the right questions when scouting for the perfect retreat venue!

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A well-prepared retreat leader needs to ask a lot of questions when vetting a venue. If just one important detail is missed, it could be a costly mistake.


I've seen it happen again and again: a well-meaning (but newbie) retreat leader books a venue based on pretty pictures or (gasp) a post from another coach. 

It’s not until they arrive with their group that they realize the place is swarming with rambunctious kids or college students on spring break. Maybe the food is awful or the participants are forced to share a bed.

I’ve even heard of retreats where the leader is left without a room at all because the venue overbooked! 😳

That’s why I created the VENUE SCOUTING WORKSHEET. It’s a handy tool that covers all the questions you need to ask and has space to keep notes. Inside you'll find prompts for:

  • Making sure the venue has the right "vibe"
  • Checking out the sleeping arrangements (a biggie!)
  • Reminders on arranging transportation for your guests
  • Questions to ask regarding their deposit and payment policies
  • And much, much more!
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